Grade 3 French
Comment y aller? (AIM play unit / Students will also learn planet names in French as part of the Reach for the Stars Unit of Inquiry)
L'arbre ungali (AIM play unit / Students will also learn about the culture of francophone countries in Africa as part of the Well Cultured Unit of Inquiry.
The aims of the programme are:
  • to develop strong communications skills through kinesthetic activities and an integrated drama-based approach
  • to increase confidence and overall fluency in French
  • to develop an appreciation for the French language and culture and to have fun

Oral Communication: Listening and Speaking
  • speaking exclusively in French, either guided or spontaneously in interacting with teacher and peers in unguided and guided activities
  • asking and answering simple questions using complete sentences
  • performing a play: “Comment y aller?” et “L’arbre ungali”;
  • singing in French
Written Language: Reading
  • reading short and simple texts, including plays
Written Language: Writing
  • writing simple words and sentences and complete language manipulation activities
  • composing a story retell of the play
  • writing their first short story, using the play as a model

The assessment criteria are :
  • participation and attitude in class
  • pronunciation of words when speaking and reading in class
  • showing effort when speaking, reading and writing in French

The assessment tasks will include:
  • performing a play
  • reading a play
  • written work about the play
  • retelling the story in your own words orally and in written form
  • informal evaluation of oral review activities, partner/group work, comprehension checks, choral language work