Grade 4 French
Louis la grenouille (AIM play unit)
Chat Angora (AIM play unit)
Au café (restaurant unit where students create their own restaurant at school)
Quel talent! (integrated with the Variety is the Spice of Life Unit of Inquiry)
The aims of the programme are:
  • to develop strong communication skills through kinesthetic activities and an integrated drama-based approach
  • to increase confidence and overall fluency in French
  • to develop an appreciation for the French language and culture
  • to have fun

Oral Communication: Listening and Speaking
  • a strong focus on oral communication - students are expected to communicate exclusively in French
  • continuing to expand understanding and fluency of high-frequency vocabulary through pleasant repetition and through a variety of oral manipulation exercises
  • increased opportunities in class for communicating spontaneously with peers and in more open-ended contexts
Written Language: Reading
  • in-depth study of songs and plays remain at the core of the programme
  • exposure to a variety of reading experiences including poetry, menus, and advertisements
Written Language: Writing
  • writing simple sentences and paragraphs, using learned vocabulary and simple language structures
  • language manipulation activities and writing models
  • creation of basic stories and writing assignments

The assessment criteria are :
  • Knowledge and skills: acquisition of high frequency vocabulary and grammar
  • Communication: apply the language knowledge through communicative activities in all three strands
  • Organization of ideas: make simple revisions and additions to the language, using resources and feedback

The assessment tasks will include:
  • active participation in and completion of oral/written language manipulation activities (large groups and with a partner)
  • role-playing and dramatic presentations
  • participation in the French Café experience
  • A variety of writing tasks (menu, mind map, recipe, retelling a story in their own words, story extensions and writing short “silly” stories)