L'arbre ungali is based on an African folk tale and is the third unit in the Histoires en action! series. In this unit, your child will continue to increase his/her vocabulary in French through the Gesture Approach and will also review previously learned words with the associated gestures. Among other things, the students are learning the names of wild animals, how to talk about the weather and how to use a number of expressions with the verb 'avoir'. In addition to the grammatical structures and vocabulary, students will be exposed to elements of Francophone culture in Africa.

Connections to the PYP Unit of Inquiry (How We Organize Ourselves) and ponder the central idea of : Our physical environment influences how we live.

Please encourage your child to share with you what s/he is learning in French class. At the end of this unit, your child will make a presentation to the class using puppets, dioramas, props, etc. of their choosing and write a creative story.

Please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

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The play
L'arbre ungali Play script
L'Afrique francophone song
L'Afrique francophone song by M. Sweeney on YouTube
Listen to Grade 3 students sing a capella with Puppet Pals
Research on African Countries
Please read our research on a variety of African countries were French is spoken on Voice Thread
Vocabulary review
Interactive flashcards on Quizlet
Activities to practise
Practise Les questions totales on Quizlet
Practise Les questions partielles on Quizlet
Story extension
La vengeance de l'arbre ungali
This is an example of a story extension by a student from another school.
Fun Videos to watch!
L'arbre ungali play list
Les papillons play list
Games to play
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Reading on Senegal
Images to accompany Le Sénégal