Le bistro des animaux is the third unit of the Histoires en action! II programme. Your child will continue to increase his/her vocabulary in French by using the Gesture Approach and will also review previously learned words with the associated gestures. Please encourage your child to continue to share with you what s/he is learning in French class. A few minutes spent sharing several times a week is very beneficial to developing your child's confidence and progress in French. Please check the Friday Flash for weekly updates on what we are doing in class. Please check in with this page over the course of the term as I am constantly adding new resources.
Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

AIM Student Portal
The play
Le bistro des animaux: Play Script
The song
Le bistro des animaux This PPT YouTube video was created by a grade 5 student, Graeme.
Le bistro des animaux, song lyrics
Café Crocodile

Vocabulary review
Interactive flashcards
Quia: Games to review the vocabulary
Quia challenge: Vocabulary review
Les questions partielles
Mme Smith's YouTube channel
Le bistro des animaux: Playlist
Ce weekend
Que vas-tu faire ce weekend? (futur) Qu’as-tu fait ce weekend (passé)
Present tense -ER verbs
Review of subject pronouns
Song to remember ER verb endings
Supplementary ER review
Practise conjugating
Present tense -IR verbs
Meanings of -IR infinitives in English
Song to remember IR verb endings
Practise adding -IR endings
Present tense -RE verbs
Song to remember -RE endings
Practise conjugating -RE verbs
English translations of -RE verbs
Present tense (ER/IR/RE)
Explanation of ER, IR, RE verbs in the present tense
Practise conjugating (ER/IR/RE)
Practise conjugating verbs (QUIA)